Poem a Day in May Prompt 18: Small Talk

Grace - New York City - Manhattan

Welcome to Day 18 of my personal month-late NaPoWriMo challenge. You can check out my previous post here, or click here for Day 1.

I work as a receptionist right now, so I make a lot of small talk throughout the day. I also make small talk at home though, with people I’m close to. I completely understand making small talk with people I don’t know as well, especially with people I’ve just met, but why do I do it with people who know me well? What’s the point? Sometimes I catch myself doing it and just start thinking about all the serious, personal things we could be talking about but aren’t. Which brings me to today’s prompt.

Prompt 18: Small Talk

Write a poem in which two people make small talk about something trivial–the weather, some award show on TV last night, traffic, etc, but in between the small talk, throw in some personal dialogue that they’re avoiding. Maybe they end up talking about it when they said they wouldn’t. Or maybe they say nothing about it at all; in that case, try to find a way to show the reader what they’re both avoiding.

If you try this, or any of the prompts I’m sharing throughout this month, let me know! If you try a prompt on your blog, share the link! I’ll check it out.

I also love to read any thoughts or writing tips you may have. Feel free to share them in the comments!


One thought on “Poem a Day in May Prompt 18: Small Talk

  1. Hey Jane, thanks so much for your comment! I try to put a lot of thought into my content, so I’m really glad to hear that someone found it helpful.


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