Poem a Day in May Prompt 22: Hobbies

keyboardWelcome to Day 22 of my personal month-late NaPoWriMo challenge. You can check out my previous post here, or click here for Day 1.


I have way too many hobbies. I like to paint. I play the violin and sing (usually in choirs). I do arts and crafts. I sometimes sew and recently gave quilting a try. I can knit too. And that’s just the stuff I’ve done in the past few years. Seriously, it’s a little ridiculous how many hobbies I’ve tried. I don’t do all of them super well, as you can imagine, since I keep jumping from one to another as I find new projects that interest me. Having said that, each hobby brings me a great deal of joy and relaxation. I’ve written quite a few poems about playing the violin, since it’s something I’ve done for many years consistently, but I’ve sung in choirs for a long time and never wrote about it. Basically, I’m telling you that I want to write a poem about singing, and I’m bringing you along for the ride so…

Prompt 22: Hobbies

Write a poem about your favorite hobby or activity outside of your primary obligations like work or school. Maybe you love to bake, ride horses, play rugby, draw, turn cartwheels on your front lawn, dance. Maybe you don’t, and there’s something on that list that you wish you could do. Write about how doing that thing you love feels, or about how you imagine doing something you’ve never done before might be.


Think of someone famous for doing your hobby well. Write a poem expressing your awe for that person’s skills.


Write a poem about a time you tried a new hobby and it didn’t go well.

If you try this, or any of the prompts I’m sharing throughout this month, let me know! If you try a prompt on your blog, share the link! I’ll check it out.

I also love to read any thoughts or writing tips you may have. Feel free to share them in the comments!



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