Poem a Day in May Prompt 31: Love Poem

love locksWelcome to Day 31 of my personal month-late NaPoWriMo challenge. You can check out my previous post here, or click here for Day 1.

I caved! It’s the last day of my poetry challenge, and I feel like I’ve now written enough consecutive poems that this attempt is justified. It’s extremely difficult to write a refreshing, unique love poem. That’s not to say that every love is identical, or that there aren’t fabulous love poems being written. It’s just that romantic love has been described in so many ways that most of the words for it that come easily to mind are cliche, so it’s a special challenge to tackle this topic from a new angle.

Here we go.

Prompt 31: Love Poem

Write a poem about love, but not about love in general. Make it as specific as you can. It’s a specific moment in your life. A specific relationship–romance, friendship, family. Pick one. Now pick a memory that reminds you of that person, that relationship. Start the poem with either a visual image, or a description of a smell or sound. Maybe you can tell a love story using only scent, or tell the story of your favorite date by painting pictures with your words.

If you try this, or any of the prompts I shared throughout this month, let me know! If you try a prompt on your blog, share the link! I’ll check it out.

I also love to read any thoughts or writing tips you may have. Feel free to share them in the comments!


One thought on “Poem a Day in May Prompt 31: Love Poem

  1. Here is my take on this Prompt. Love Poem

    The Scent of You

    The musk scent I smell in your body,
    In your hanky and the clothes you wear lingers in my memories

    I bathed it upon me to see and feel the nearness of you.

    Sans distance
    And we are lovers
    Across oceans and where our mind and hearts could flow
    Connecting that olfactory sensation, the warmth of your body
    In the wideness of your shoulders and the thoughts of it
    Just the thoughts of it,
    Makes me linger to your sweet caress.
    The kiss of a thousand songs of forever.


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